1. Can you tell us really who is the one who did such a positive album @ hip hop concerning the album " Big Baller Shot Caller " Who is Shuga Daddy or DJ Hercules ?

  2. And did the rapper Too Short write any of the lyrics in that new album
    " Straight Pimp`n ? Because the lyrics fit his style to a " T " . I am one who sent in my 200 word essay how much I liked both albums . Guess what ?
    Rap Daddy Records sent me one very shiny genuine 14KT gold nugget bracelet .
    I ain`t gonna lie , I went and sold it . But they only gave me $ 1,450.00 .
    Not bad since I got it FREE ! I gotta try for another one , ya blame me ?

  3. Your Justice For Trayvon image is extremely insulting. It makes the deceased look like a soda-swilling, Skittle-eating bafoon, surrounded by so-called angels that look like bafoons, as well. You all need to rethink this background as a representation of the young brother. If he had been my son, I'd be disgusted with your depiction of my child. As you say, "keep in mind" you have young readers who peruse your site, and they don't need to see this coonish-cartoonish depiction.

  4. Ray Daniels of Aworldradio is a scam artists,don't do buisness with this ok?


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