Sunday, June 12, 2011

4 Leaked....REVIEW

Well right about now, we all know Beyonce's New Album entitled "4" has leaked....this is what she had to say about it..

‎"My music was leaked and while this is not how I wanted to present my new songs, I appreciate the positive response from my fans. When I record music I always think about my fans singing every note and dancing to every beat. I make music to make people happy and I appreciate that everyone has been so anxious to hear my new songs." - BeyoncĂ©

Bey, I have your album, it is fabulous. Guess what? Im buying it when it hits the shelves...

One of my bestfriends asked me which song is my favorite. I said 1+1, then start over, then I care, then best thing i never had. Then I paused an said matter of fact they are all my favorites. Why? She asked. I told her the words are amazing. Each song is eloquently executed; regardless if it is about past love (I care), heart break (Best thing I never had), current love (1+1), or women empowerment (run the world. Beyonce and her team have stepped up the bar this summer! Most of all, her songs emotionally and academically take me there. The analogies, metaphors, and truth behind her words are epic. So what else is there to say....?


Mzdiva Couture's Rating: A++

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